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Clients & Media

Current customers for Serendipalm’s fair trade and organic palm oil include:

Dr. Bronner`s    Rapunzel Naturkost    GEPA

The following animation visualizes Dr.Bronner`s model of fair trade palm oil at Serendipalm. 

Planet Wissen "Palm oil all purpose tool without alternatives?Broadcast TV2017GermanLink
Ö Magazine - Who says its not possible?
(Translated English Version)
Article journal2016EnglishLink
Utopia - Organic palm oil - certified destruction or real alternative?Article website2016GermanLink
Travel report Eva Kiene (Rapunzel Naturkost)Article website2016GermanLink
Schrot & Korn - Palm oil a tragic storyArticle website2015GermanLink
Fair Handels Zentrum - Palm oil can it be produced sustainable?Article website2015GermanLink
Happi Magazine - Green ingredientsArticle journal2013EnglishLink
Chemical and Engineering NewsArticle journal2010EnglishLink

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