Fair Trade Projects

Serendipalm is a commercial operation whose activities also have a significant positive impact on the environment, its employees and the surrounding rural communities. One element of this vision is the implementation of fair trade projects in our host communities. To finance these, every invoice issued to our palm oil customers includes a fair trade premium. It corresponds to about 10% of the pro-rata costs of the palm fruit and wages and currently generates an annual contribution of $85,000 to a Fair Trade Fund which is managed by a committee of farmers, employees, and Serendipalm management. Additional donations from Dr. Bronner’s and a crowdfunding campaign have paid for other projects. Serendipalm’s employees coordinate project implementation, such as construction, to ensure that the premium is used meaningfully and efficiently. Some smaller projects, such as painting schools, or repairing streetlamps and badly damaged roads, are implemented in conjunction with local youth groups. What we have learned over the years is that the fair trade premiums and projects not only remedy structural problems but also encourage the spirit and practice of cooperation. We see this as an important element of humanitarian rural development in Ghana and elsewhere.

The pictures show several of the many projects that Serendipalm’s fair trade program has funded and implemented since 2009.

The following list shows all projects financed through fair trade fond since


Small loan to farmers for farm maintenance


Waste recycling project in Asuom

School materials and school uniforms to Asuom schools

4 public drinking water wells in Asuom, Bomso, Kukubi, Abodom

Small loan to farmers for farm maintenance


Nurses residential home with 4 rooms to support Abaam hospital

Small loan to farmers for farm maintenance


10 public toilets in Asuom und Bomso

Ferry to connect two villages at Kukubi.

Distribution of 5000 mosquito nets for malaria prevention

Small loan to farmers for farm maintenance


Restoration of graveyard in Kukubi

Construction of 10 public toilets in Abaam


Public wells in Amankwakrom


Computer lab and library in Abaam for learning

Computer donation at Kwaebibirem School for digital learning


A freshwater system at Asuom clinic

Drinking water wells in Kukubi and Ntronang

Public toilets in Abodom

Working materials for organic farmers for sustainable cultivation


Construction of the roofed market in Bomso to support local trade

Public toilets in Pramkese


Tertiary Educational Scholarship for 3 students

Repairs of some farm gate roads in Asuom and Abaam

Purchasing of 15 Luojia tricycles for 11 Communities

Capacity Building Training for FT members

Distribution of Farm Implements (Boots, Cutlasses and Head pans/ Basins) for farmers


30 Seater Coaster bus for Serendipalm workers

Pruning tool purchasing support for DAF farmers

Tertiary Educational Support for 13 students

Construction of 3 Community Information Centers

Repairs of Foot Bridge in Asuom

Distribution of Farm Implements (Boots, Cutlasses and Head pans/ Basins) for farmers

Repairs of some farm gate roads in Abodom and Abaam


Foot bridge in Asuom, Amankwakrom

Educational Scholarship for 8 students

Roofing of Abaam, Presby Junior High School

Purchasing of Equipment for Information Centers

Farm Road Maintenance

Capacity Building for FT members


Renovation off the following schools:

  • Amanfron Junio High
  • Asuom LA Primary
  • Asuom Presby
  • Islamic Nursery Classrooms
  • Asuom Salv. Army
  • Asuom Meth. Basic

Asuom Streetlights Repairs & Installation

Dental Chair Kade Clinic

Educational Scholarship

Wellington Boots Farmers

Borehole Drinking water Mpreponso

Repairs at Ghana Education Service

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